Fishing for Touchpad

I am sure you have heard by now about the 99$ Touchpads. Too bad B&N canceled my order saying they oversold. How can they oversell in an eCommerce site? But they are gladly spamming me with their upcoming Nook announcements. Anyway, today I saw on HP site that Touchpad will be “Coming soon”. I think they are going to have another inventory soon. Hopefully I will be able to catch them in the act when the site updates. Here is a short script to check to see if “Coming soon” notice has been removed from the page or not. And if that happens, it will play one of my favorite songs. Loudly.


while [ true ]
NUM=`curl ‘;HHOJSID=1wg1TJ3NYLL2fcpQRTRCLKBTQ6tvHT9qdyGX2LZV1bLzrpQRlvb2!-388369811?storeName=storefronts&catLevel=1&landing=rts_tablet&category=rts_tablet&jumpid=in_R329_prodexp/hhoslp/psg/lateralnav_touchpads_home’ |grep -i ‘coming_soon’ |wc -l`
echo Coming $NUM
if [ "$NUM" -gt 1 ]
sleep 60
afplay /Users/mislam/Music/Amazon\ MP3/Black\ Eyed\ Peas/The\ E.N.D.\ \(The\ Energy\ Never\ Dies\)/05\ -\ I\ Gotta\ Feeling.mp3

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Vudu on a Roll?

I hope they start offering new releases. I am willing to pay .99 to 3.99 for the new releases. And if Walmart can throw in unlimited streaming for not so rotten collection like Netflix, I might even subscribe to that too. Let’s just hope that will happen.

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Out with the old

I guess it has been the time to leave Netflix for quite some time. I was just too lazy to do it. Oh well with their next to useless selections of streaming movies it was easy to pull the trigger. Ok, not quite yet. I have put the account on hold for three months. Let’s see how it goes. Then I will bid complete farewell….

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